Intro - Light into Darkness

Christmas – tis the season to be jolly? (finding hope in our modern world) – 17 Dec

Christmas – tis a season of good will? Or is it? Christmas confronts us as much challenge and is does joy. Our world is ever more polarised, economically, politically and within communities and families. The Independent recently run a front-page article called ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’ where it highlighted that… SPENDING SPREE – consumers set for […]

Team Hope

Team Hope – Christmas Shoebox Appeal

As a church we want to play our small part in loving the poor and needy in our city and abroad. One simple way of helping us do that this year is serving and helping with Team Hope and the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. What is Team Hope? TEAM HOPE is an Irish, Christian development aid […]

Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christ City Church are teaming up with ACET Ireland to provide Christmas hampers to families across Dublin Who are ACET and what do they do? ACET Ireland is an organisation working towards improving the lives of those living with and affected by HIV in Ireland. Since 1992, ACET have been working with some of the most […]

Volunteer Thank You

Volunteers’ Thank You Night – 5 Dec

Loads of people in the church give up their free time to help out in all sorts of ways, and we are so grateful. We wouldn’t be able to do any of our events, meetings and other activities without your help, and it’s great to have so many people involved in what goes on in […]

Christmas Community Banquet

Christmas Community Banquet – 9 Dec

Jesus loved to be at banquets! He spends most of Luke’s gospel either coming from, at, or going to a meal of some kind. He loved to eat with people; it was his way of doing mission and building community. Famously in Luke 14 Jesus is at a banquet in the house of a religious leader […]

City Group Leaders Training - 9th or 16th July

City Group Leaders Training – 4 Nov

As a church grows bigger it must grow smaller! In other words as the number of people in a church increases, the number of smaller contexts for people to connect must increase too, otherwise a church can feel like a place you attend once a week where you sit next to strangers. A church is […]

CCC Games Night – 28 October

Three or four times a year we put on a games night after church. The idea is to have loads of fun, make friends and for there to be a family-friendly and non-pub option. It’s midterm the following week so hopefully that means the kids can join in as they won’t have to be up […]

Sex and Relationships

Sex & Relationships – A Better Story

Our Culture is obsessed with sex and relationships…and rightly so! The sexual revolution over the last 60 years has brought about remarkable changes in attitudes, opinions and practices, and many of those changes are to be welcomed and championed. But has the revolution gone far enough? Has our culture been left ‘satisfied’ in terms of […]

Church Family

Weekend Away – 2019

The Christ City Church weekend away is for everyone – whether you’re new or old, part of the church or just interested, christian or not a christian, we’d love you to join us. You can sign up by filling in our online form. All the details you need to know are below: This event has […]