Jonah – Sent To The City

Over the month of September we are going to revisit our vision “to make a positive difference to the city of Dublin spiritually, culturally and socially” by looking at the book of Jonah. Despite all of Jonah’s misgivings, God wanted Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh so that the people might come to […]

4th Birthday

It’s our 4th Birthday!

Christ City Church was officially launched in October 2014, so it’s time to celebrate our 4th birthday! Join us at 4:15pm on Sunday 30th September at Synge Street Secondary School. We’ll have our usual Sunday service with refreshments available from 4.15pm. We’ll reflect back on the last 4 years, look once again at our vision and […]


Baptisms – 30 Sept & 7 Oct

On Sunday 30th September and 7th October we’ll be having a Baptism Service at 4.15pm in Synge Street Secondary School. After the service everyone’s invited to celebrate with cake. (but there is flexibility in terms of dates, so speak to Steve if another Sunday if better) If you’d like to get baptised or just find out […]

Intro 2018

The Intro Course – 2019

Intro is a 6-week course which gives guests an opportunity to ask the big questions of life, as well as explore the life Jesus offers. Each evening starts with some light refreshments, then a short talk, followed by discussion over drinks. Our next course will start on Monday 1st October, 7.00pm in  Granthams Cafe, Camden […]

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football

Every Monday we play football in the Phoenix Park (by the Wellington monument) at 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome. No experience/ability is necessary. Do invite friends, colleagues, etc. If you want to keep in the loop then do join or CCC Community Facebook page or message Justin Anderson.

A Meal With Jesus

A Meal With Jesus

It has been said that when you read Luke’s gospel that Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal or coming from a meal. Meals dominate Luke’s Gospel. Why? Because meals help us understand what Jesus is all about – welcome, community, grace, mission and friendship. Maybe most strikingly Jesus’s meals reveal who […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus – 27 May

In scripture, the term “covenant” is a vitally important one.  It refers to the ways in which God relates to his people; his promises, commands, gifts, and grace towards them. However, the idea of covenant has elicited quite a few differing positions among theologians over the years.  For example, how many covenants has God made […]

Faith & Work

Seminar – Faith & Work (May 20th)

One of the greatest failures of the church is to create a divide between the sacred and secular; that is to mark off certain activities as sacred (prayer, bible-reading, mass attendance etc) and certain activities as secular (work, sport, music, sex, money etc). This then creates a second and equally devastating failure that also plagues […]

Seminar - 8th Amendment

What you need to know: The 8th Amendment and the Referendum

Since the last blog and the most recent seminar we held about the 8th Amendment, the situation has progressed significantly. Perhaps most significantly, a referendum has been confirmed for 25th May 2018 which will ask voters a black and white choice – “do you want to keep the 8 th Amendment or do you want […]


Exodus: God Is Here

The book of Exodus is a very famous, exciting and dramatic book. Why? Well there is Moses and the burning bush, there is Pharaoh and the ten plagues, there is the escape from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea, there is manna from heaven and a pillar of fire in the sky, there […]