CCC Games Night – 28 October

Three or four times a year we put on a games night after church. The idea is to have loads of fun, make friends and for there to be a family-friendly and non-pub option. It’s midterm the following week so hopefully that means the kids can join in as they won’t have to be up early for school.  We’ll rearrange the hall, set up different stations and then leave you free to decide what games you’d like to play, or if you just want to chill and have a chat.

There’ll be different options (and please bring your own games or contact Ola if you have a suggestion) so you can move between tables/areas and dip in and out, or just form a circle of chairs and chat. We have use of the stage as well as the main hall, and if needed the creche/oratory room. The evening kicks off around 6pm (after the service) on Sunday 28th October and goes on until everyone’s had their fill of fun, or the set-down team want to go home!

 Typically these are the stations we’ll have:

  1. Quick/Silly Games – Bananagrams, Jenga, Charades, Twister etc
  2. Mafia – and other similar games, led by our expert Barry
  3. Computer Games – Xbox & Playstation on the big screen
  4. Chess – for the more serious amongst us (Steve, or Jacob, will challenge anyone!)
  5. Table Tennis – kindly lent to us by a group at the school (please bring a bat)
  6. Ball Games – if there is an appetite for it and a big enough group to make it work, we’ll do this once the other games are finished (around 8pm)
If you have suggestions or want to be involved or help at a station just let Ola know. The more the merrier.
See you there!
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