Student Internship

One of our aims at Christ City Church is to ‘equip God’s people for works of service’ (Ephesians 4:12) so we have an internship and apprenticeship program where we train people in theological learning, character formation and gift development. We are delighted to make available another opportunity, specifically for students… a student internship.

The Big Idea (Vision)

We want to give those with a passion and desire for Irish/Dublin church ministry a chance in their student days (should studies allow) to:
  1. Get some ministry experience by being part of the CCC team – roles, responsibilities, discipline, team work, etc (all good skills for your CV!)
  2. Have access to more strategic personal development – in terms of gifts, character and theology
  3. Set up the possibility of a paid apprenticeship role with CCC after university. And if not the apprenticeship, receive guidance on “what next… how can I best serve God in Dublin/Ireland?” (whether workplace or ministry)
Given the flexibility of time, the limited responsibilities and the hundreds of social connections, university often affords a unique opportunity for students to use their time and relationships for discipleship and mission. We want to to facilitate that for 1 or 2 students each year and give a ‘ministry experience’, which will hopefully prove invaluable for the church (we benefit from your gifts, passion and time) and also for the student intern (you benefit from the experience and learn how you can best serve God at university and afterwards).

A few of the details

  • 9 months (to fit around student terms/holidays, can be flexible)
  • 10 hours a week (alongside studies)
  • Meet once a month for 1-2-1 discipleship
  • Meet once a month with your Line Manager
  • Serve on two Sundays a month (two different teams)
  • Participate in 6.30 Leadership
  • Take on a role in one or more ministry opportunity in the church – Prayer & Worship nights, City Groups, Life Groups, Events (Banquet, Summer Party), The Intro Course, Communication (Social Media, Online, Email), Children’s and Youth Ministry, Speaking and leading opportunities
  • Expenses provided (travel, coffees etc)

OPTIONAL (lecture dependant)

Are you interested?

Do read through the following resources from our current internship programme:

And then if you’re still interested either grab a coffee with Steve or Ola, or apply here –

Student Internship