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One of our core values as a church is raising up leaders. We see this clearly in the ministry of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Leadership is a big deal all across the world in every sector of life; education, business, arts, government, sport and so on and so forth. One of the tasks of the current generation is to raise up the next generation and we see this clearly through the whole bible story (see Psalm 78.1-8 or 2 Timothy 2.2 as two examples).

So we want to play our part in raising up leaders and therefore we have an internship programme in the church, which can be done part-time or full time, over 6-18 months. This year we had two interns (Christian and Gabriel) and we are looking for two more to join us in September when we launch our church officially.

We have split our leadership development (and therefore internship) into three parts:


(1)  Ministry Experience

IMG_2758Every leader needs to have an opportunity to lead. Sounds obvious but often people are not given any space or freedom to cast a vision, shape a ministry, gather people together, mobilise a team and delegate tasks.

Additionally when you are young and new to leadership you need to not only be thrown in the deep end (with good support, feedback and training), you also need to have a variety of opportunity to find out exactly where your gifts lie. Do you have a ministry that is primarily around bible teaching and prayer or more focused on serving people’s practical needs? (this distinction is made clear in Acts 6.1-7)

Some leadership gurus make the distinction between Jesus’ three primarily leadership roles as Priest (caring for the people), Prophet (proclaiming God’s word), or King (organising the community); and we are encouraged to see which one we most fit into (and a leader should surround himself with the role that he is least gifted in order to compensate for his weakness).

So each Intern at Christ City Church will be given different ministry opportunities outside the church, serving one or two Christian charities in Dublin where they can work with homeless people, inner city youth, students or another area of their desire; and one or two areas within church life – for example event management, bible teaching, communication, discipleship, music & worship, audio-visual or hospitality (to name a few).

The Intern will report to a line manager who will give them both guidance, accountability and feedback on the different areas in which they are serving.


(2)  Theological Training

A sunday gatheringMany young Christians and aspiring leaders are biblically illiterate and unable to defend their faith, teach core doctrines and build up others with truth. For Paul and the Apostles this was one of the key marks of leadership, so we want to spend time training and investing in our interns theologically.

Each Intern will be expected to read the whole bible in nine months and complete seven essays. Please download the bible reading and essay plan. Additionally, once the Intern has started their discipleship and 1-2-1 mentoring (see below) a couple of books will be suggested to guide their learning and development. For example, this year both interns are reading “Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach To Finding God’s Will”  by Kevin DeYoung and we are meeting to discuss it next week.

If the internship is shorter or longer than nine months the plan will be tailored, both in terms of reading and essays.

If the Intern would like to do further theological training, the church will pay for them to do The Porterbrook Learning Course or a course through IBI (do download their prospectus). There is also the option for further leadership development study (paid for by the church) with Innovista Ireland.

We want to tailor the training around the desires and future plans of the Intern.


(3)  Character Growth

humilityWithout doubt the number one attribute of leaders in the New Testament is that they are godly in character and that they are growing in godliness. Our leadership starts and ends with our example of Christ-likeness. As the old adage goes, “more is caught than taught”, so we want people to catch the fruit of the Spirit from their leaders. Our leaders are to be people of integrity who follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership.

Alongside their line management each Intern will meet with Steve or Leanne Vaughan every fortnight to aid their personal and spiritual growth and provide a place for reflecting on their training. We want leaders who can stand up under pressure, remain loving and kind in the face of opposition, act with integrity when it comes to money, sex and power and put others’ needs before their own.

Leadership in Ireland today is under great scrutiny; whether in religion, politics and banking. People have been let down through the corruption, concealment and carelessness of their leaders. According to the New Testament one’s character is the most important qualification for leadership; then one’s ability to hold to scripture; and finally one’s ability. We have got this upside down in the world today, where leaders are judged according to gifting first, knowledge second and character third. However, with the recent crisis in leadership there has never been a more poignant moment to install kingdom values into our culture, with character being of primary importance.

If you would like to apply for the internship, please fill in our online application form.

Alternatively he would happily grab a coffee with you (or organise a Skype call if you’re abroad) to discuss it in more detail and answer any questions to help you discern whether this is a good fit for you.

Christian Hacking was one of this year’s interns. Here’s his story:

“The Christ City internship is a fantastic way to serve the church, serve the city and grow in love for God.

Firstly, being a new church the precedent is much more about what’s needed rather than what you’d like to do. This can be a challenge but can also be great fun. For me this has meant taking statistics, making videos and pretending to be a student again. Provided you’re flexible and willing to learn the year is a great opportunity to develop new skills and learn diligence in doing the small things.

Secondly, the internship will give you time to work or volunteer within Dublin for the benefit of the city. This may mean working in a coffee shop or with kids or the homeless. You will have an opportunity to really commit to another work outside of the church and in so doing build lasting relationships with Dubliners as well as learn from older wiser people from different walks of life.

Thirdly and finally, the internship will give you an opportunity to study the word of God and to pray. During the 9 months you read the Bible once through, write 6 reflective essays and do some additional theological study. It will get you to grasp the awesomeness of our redeeming God and make you think practically about how to be more missional in sharing Him with Friends.

I’d highly recommend it”


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