3 Reasons to do the CCC Internship

Why should someone do the internship at Christ City Church? Well, why not? The Internship offers many wonderful opportunities to get stuck into serving the church more intimately. That might sound strange, but it means being involved in the details and (often) unseen tasks that are put into practice on Sundays and during the week. Not […]

Our apprentices and interns at the races

How the CCC Internship/Apprenticeship will build your career

It’s very common, from as early as the Junior Cert, to be asking yourself the question: “What do I want to do in life and what career should I have?” Yet many people when they finish school or college still haven’t been able to answer that question. Often people are two years into their first job […]

Christ City Church Internship – 5 observations

In September 2013 we started our internship programme. We were just a very small house church at that time and one brave soul said he’d commit a year to the church and our internship. Since then we have had five others do our internship (three currently half way through) and we’re now taking applications for September […]


Internship at Christ City Church Dublin

One of our core values as a church is raising up leaders. We see this clearly in the ministry of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Leadership is a big deal all across the world in every sector of life; education, business, arts, government, sport and so on and so forth. One of the tasks of the current […]