3 Reasons to do the CCC Internship

Why should someone do the internship at Christ City Church?

Well, why not? The Internship offers many wonderful opportunities to get stuck into serving the church more intimately. That might sound strange, but it means being involved in the details and (often) unseen tasks that are put into practice on Sundays and during the week. Not convinced it is for you? Well here are three reasons why you should consider taking on the role of an Intern.


Firstly, you are given the opportunity to work with truly wonderful people and to feel like you are a part of that bigger picture in the church and God’s plans. You may think that you don’t fit into the group or that you’ll clash with some people. This could be true at times, but your strengths will be someone’s weaknesses, and your weaknesses will be someone’s strengths.

As part of the staff team you’ll attend meetings during the week where your voice is heard and valued. Alongside this, you’ll have team time and discipleship where you can be led and encouraged by others, but you’ll also get to lead, covering topics that you are passionate about. The Christ City Church staff are great at making you feel safe and secure and giving you the space to step out of your comfort zone. Being a part of this team allows for the chance to practice and nurture your gifts, and to use them to help with various aspects of church. Do not discount yourself because you feel you may lack the ‘relevant qualifications’.

Secondly, if you have a passion for the church and what it stands for, and the people in it, then the Internship is for you. By taking time out of your week to invest in the church, it shows you are committed to our vision and values. This also involves setting aside time for meeting up with people on a one-to-one basis. You’ll also be involved in a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, such as organising Prayer & Worship Nights, Connect Nights, 6.30 Leadership and more. For me, all of this has given me a sense of belonging to something, that I’m valued, but also that my passion for church has flourished.

Finally, and this may seem odd, but doing the Internship helps you develop good habits. By this I mean that it gives a routine and a timetable to follow and it’s moulded to what you can do. It also puts you in the habit (if you are not already) of reading the Bible and taking in all it has to offer, even if you do not study the verses. For me, reading the Bible went from something I had to do, to something I want to do. Another way it helps is by keeping you accountable to the staff, and that you are being discipled. It may not seem like much, but through these little changes you can see a profound difference. You have the space to grow and develop as a person and in character and in your walk with God.

Apply to be an intern

Still not sure if the Internship is for you? I recommend that you apply anyway or talk to Ola who can you give you more information on the Internship, and also help and guide you in making this decision.


Author: Rachel Sharpe, 2017/2018 Intern



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