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At Christ City Church we have four values:

1. Community (having good friends)
2. Discipleship (growing in our relationship with God)
3. Mission (helping others come to know God)
4. Leadership (training people up to serve)

One of the primary ways we express those four values is through City Groups. Find out why City Groups are important.

In this blog post I want to give City Group leaders (or those considering starting a City Group) resources that they can use to ensure that leading a City Group is lightweight and low maintenance. We don’t want leaders spending hours of time in preparation for a City Group meeting – 1-2 hours is fine. As Mike Breen says

If the Missional Community can’t be led by people with normal 9-5 jobs who aren’t paid to do it, it’s not lightweight and low maintenance enough. It’s got to be simple and reproducible.

So here are some resources we have within Christ City Church – do ask Steve if you want to borrow one. If you’d like something that isn’t on the list below, contact Steve and he’ll look into buying it and adding it to the church library.

Tim Keller DVDs

  • Gospel in Life DVD and study guide – the best resource for any City Group starting out: 8 ten minute videos, with a nice study guide to help you.
  • Prodigal God DVD and study guide – great to understand the difference between religion (legalism), irreligion (license) and the gospel (grace) from Luke 15 and the Prodigal Sons.
  • Generosity DVD and study guide– how to view our money and our hearts and giving. It’s so important we have submitted our wallets to Christ.
  • The Reason for God DVD, study guide and book – brilliant for both learning how to engage with sceptics and their objections to Christianity, both in terms of the arguments and the manner of our discussion.

Francis Chan – Crazy Love & Forgotten God Videos

Both are fantastic resources to help you grow in your relationship with God, especially if you have been a Christian for a while and it’s gone stagnant. And his book ‘Forgotten God’ is super helpful for understanding the person and work of The Holy Spirit.

The Good Book Guide – Bible Studies

There are Bible Study Guides by The Good Book Company on every book of the Bible and theme you can imagine, for example…

For something more in depth, they offer another Bible study series:

Tim Chester Resources

  • A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester – a brilliant little book on the meals in Luke’s Gospel and how meals help us express grace, community and mission. You will need to think of questions to go alongside the book.
  • Exodus Study Guide – Liberating Love
  • PsalmsSoul Songs

Faith & Work Resources

Sharing The Gospel Resources

Andy Stanley Resources (North Point)

Other Great Resources

Christ City Church Resources

Watch this space; we’ll soon start producing our own resources.

And if you still need something more specific or different to what’s suggested above, talk to Steve and he’ll help you work out what’s best for your group.


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