Team Hope

Team Hope – Christmas Shoebox Appeal

As a church we want to play our small part in loving the poor and needy in our city and abroad. One simple way of helping us do that this year is serving and helping with Team Hope and the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. What is Team Hope? TEAM HOPE is an Irish, Christian development aid […]

Christmas Community Banquet

Christmas Community Banquet – 9 Dec

Jesus loved to be at banquets! He spends most of Luke’s gospel either coming from, at, or going to a meal of some kind. He loved to eat with people; it was his way of doing mission and building community. Famously in Luke 14 Jesus is at a banquet in the house of a religious leader […]

City Group Leaders Training - 9th or 16th July

City Group Leaders Training – 4 Nov

As a church grows bigger it must grow smaller! In other words as the number of people in a church increases, the number of smaller contexts for people to connect must increase too, otherwise a church can feel like a place you attend once a week where you sit next to strangers. A church is […]

Dublin City

Staying in the Big Bad City

Living in a city that is far from God can be tough. Jonah found it tough, yet God called him to stay in the big bad city of Nineveh. Similarly, God is calling many of us to make long-term plans that will enable us to stay in the city of Dublin. We believe at CCC […]

Sex and Relationships

Sex & Relationships – A Better Story

Our Culture is obsessed with sex and relationships…and rightly so! The sexual revolution over the last 60 years has brought about remarkable changes in attitudes, opinions and practices, and many of those changes are to be welcomed and championed. But has the revolution gone far enough? Has our culture been left ‘satisfied’ in terms of […]


Jonah – Sent To The City

Over the month of September we are going to revisit our vision “to make a positive difference to the city of Dublin spiritually, culturally and socially” by looking at the book of Jonah. Despite all of Jonah’s misgivings, God wanted Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh so that the people might come to […]

Christ City Life: Joining a City Group

City Group Sunday – 23 Sept

At Christ City Church we talk about three places to belong City Groups Sunday Gatherings Life Groups However, we encourage you to see your primary place of belonging within CCC as City Groups. Why? Because it’s in City Groups you get to form deep authentic community. It’s in City Groups that you get to use your […]


Walking with God in the Psalms – speaking to the whole person

Relationships are tricky! One of the reasons they are tricky is that fundamental to a good relationship is the ability to communicate…and communication is also something most of us find hard – particularly when it gets personal and we have to be vulnerable. But, without honest, personal and vulnerable communication relationships don’t work. On the […]

A Meal With Jesus

A Meal With Jesus

It has been said that when you read Luke’s gospel that Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal or coming from a meal. Meals dominate Luke’s Gospel. Why? Because meals help us understand what Jesus is all about – welcome, community, grace, mission and friendship. Maybe most strikingly Jesus’s meals reveal who […]

Investing in the City

Investing in the City

The vision of Christ City Church is ‘to make a positive difference spiritually, culturally and socially to the city of Dublin’. To spell that out… Spiritually – we want to see people come to know Jesus as Lord, Saviour & treasure Culturally – we want to do all we can to make Dublin a city […]