Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: James – 28 May

The formation of “the canon,” meaning the authoritative collection of writings that now make up our New Testament, happened over the course of roughly 200 years.  Some books were accepted by the early church immediately, others took more time. Highly regarded New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham once wrote: “In the process of reception by which […]

Faith That Works

Faith That Works – Life Lessons From The Book Of James

Mahatma Ghandi famously said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” This quote captures the spirit of what many people think about the church and Christians in general; that what we believe about Jesus (doctrine) and our following of Jesus (discipleship) doesn’t have the beauty, generosity, […]

Zambia Team 2017

LIVE from Zambia 2017

Part 4 by Mo – 24th April Sunday (*Sing to the theme tune of the cartoon tv show, ‘The Flinstones’!*) “God’s Love is the Best Love That the World has ever, ever seen! Greater than the sun & moon & stars Farther than the Earth from planet Mars! God’s Love is the Best Love That the […]

The Search for Meaning

Ecclesiastes – The Search For Meaning

Have you ever tried to catch a bubble? The moment you catch it, it’s gone! That experience, says Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes, is what life feels like. For the most part life can feel hard, complicated, unfair and exhausting, and just when you think you’re getting some satisfaction and control…it’s gone! We feel […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Ecclesiastes – 12 Mar

Biblical scholars have long agreed that “genre” is one of the most important factors when interpreting any book of the Bible.  For example, the genre of Paul’s writings is “epistle,” or, letter, and his writings need to be interpreted as letters, as opposed to, say, apocalypses (such as Revelation, which would be interpreted very differently […]

6.30 Leadership

6.30 Leadership – Year 2

Last year 14 people completed our first 6.30 leadership course, based out of the book of 2 Timothy. This year we have shortened the course to seven sessions rather than ten. We’re going to base our course on Nehemiah to see what lessons we can learn from his leadership. Challenges in leadership I have written previously on what we can […]

Sharing Your Faith

Seminar: Sharing Your Faith – 22 Jan

Who finds evangelism easy? Who feels they are good at it? Who feels they’re reaping much fruit from their witness to family and friends? Who feels they always have the right words to say to people to explain or defend the Christian message? Who finds it easy to stand out and be different from the […]

Invest: Making the Most of 2017

Invest: Making the Most of 2017

A New Year affords us a moment to pause and ask ourselves: how do I invest my time, money, passions and relationships wisely in 2017 to ensure I make the most of the year? How can I change old habits, take more risks, grow as a person and ensure I don’t stagnate? With those questions in mind, […]

Our church community

Christmas and New Year socials

During the Christmas and New Year season we won’t be gathering on Sunday 25th December or Sunday 1st January and our City Groups will be taking a break, but we still want to connect as a community. So we’re arranging three socials in different people’s houses –  there’ll be snacks and maybe some games or a film, […]