6.30 Leadership - Year 3

6.30 Leadership – Year 3

For the third year running Christ City Church will be running a leadership course for anyone who is interested, starting on Wednesday 24th January 2018. In 2016 14 people completed the course, based on the book of 2 Timothy, and last year 25 people finished the course based on the book of Nehemiah. This year […]

4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

The annual Christ City Church Weekend Away is 9th-11th November, and the early bird deadline is 19th October , so sign up now for the cheaper prices! If you are still undecided these are 4 great reasons I think you should come along. The weekend away will be… Fun: My enduring memory of any CCC weekend […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Mark – 8 Oct

Biblical scholars widely agree that the first three Gospel accounts found in the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, and Luke – are very similar, and that the fourth Gospel account, John, is quite different from the other three.  For this reason, the first three are often referred to as a group under the title “Synoptic […]

Jesus The Revolutionary: The Kings Cross (Mark 9-16)

Jesus The Revolutionary: The King’s Cross (Mark 9-16)

Many Christians have never taken a moment to consider what ‘discipleship’ (following Jesus) is really all about. They might be good at ‘church going’ and do lots of ‘religious things’ including praying and trying to live a good life, but they have never taken seriously the words in Mark 8:34-35 where Jesus says;  “Whoever wants to be […]


Psalms – Prayers For All Seasons Of Life

Each Summer we have a short preaching series looking at the Psalms, to help us learn how to pray in all seasons of life. Do check back on our 2015 and 2016 series to learn more. To help set up our 2017 series I asked Danny Daley to help us understand why the Psalms are still […]

Esther: Peasant Princess

Esther: Peasant Princess

Morally ambiguous characters. Gratuitous drunkenness, sex and violence. Throwing a dice to make decisions. Impaling people on spikes. Attempted annihilation of the Jewish race and no reference of God at all. What the heck is the book of Esther doing in the Bible!? I am glad you asked. The Absence Of God The book of Esther […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Esther – 2 Jul

Something strange is going on.  I’m noticing a trend.  As many of you know, at Christ City Church, we’ve been doing seminars to go along with our sermon series, where we can dig deep into the biblical book that we are studying together as a church, and ask questions that would not be quite right […]

Service Week - Serve. Lead. Transform.

Serve. Lead. Transform. (CCC Service Week, 17-21 July)

Galatians 5:13 says “through love serve one another” so this year at Christ City Church we want to emphasise servanthood by organising a Service Week from 17th to 21st July. This will be an opportunity for everyone at Christ City Church to fulfil one of the greatest purposes of a Christian on this earth which […]

Rally For Life - 1st July

To repeal or not to repeal? – 18 Jun

What is the 8th amendment? What does voting to repeal it mean? Is abortion a human right? What does the Bible say about abortion? What constitutes a human being? What about those who have had abortions? Abortion is a huge topic dominating the media in 2016/17 Ireland and campaigners for both sides of the debate […]