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Seminar on October 14th – Becoming A Church Planting Church

The vision of Christ City Church has always been to become a church-planting-church. Following our regular worship service on Sunday, 14 October, we’re going to hold a seminar looking at why this is the vision for our church and how we go about church planting. The aim of the seminar is that you are given both the vision for church planting (you want to do it!) and some practical considerations of what it means (you don’t have romantic or unrealistic ideals of what it means!)
As we look at scripture and experience, we agree with the Christian sociologist Peter Wagner that:
“planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven!*”
Particularly in urban centres (like Dublin), church planting has proven to be the best way to reach young people, new people groups and the unchurched. Additionally, church planting is one of the most effective ways of both raising up new leaders and strengthening existing churches. During the course of the evening, we’ll look over and discuss all these positive aspects of church planting, and hopefully, God will stir our hearts and put dreams in us for what He might do through us, in Dublin, in Ireland and beyond.
However, church planting also has a cost and needs lots of thought before it is undertaken. As a church, we must be willing to put the gospel ahead of our own personal preferences, and we must be willing to re-shape our community life, and friendships, for the sake of reaching out to new areas and peoples. This is a challenge for all of us, and we’ll only do it if we are convicted in the value of church planting and are seeking Jesus’ kingdom first. In the seminar, we’ll discuss the challenges and costs of church planting and what it means for us to find our identity and strength in Jesus and His mission, so that we have the courage and perseverance to plant new churches, whether we’re part of the ‘sending’ church or the ‘going’ church.
Finally, we’ll consider the different models that we could go with when church planting; a separate congregation of the same church, multi-site model, intentional City Group clustering or a separate church.
Seminar Details
  • Who – anyone who is interested in church planting or has questions around our church’s vision.
  • What – interactive seminar, led by Steve Vaughan
  • When – Sunday 14th October, 6.15-7.45pm, after the service (with pizza and refreshments)
  • Where – The Oratory, in Synge Street Secondary School
  • Why – to catch a vision of church planting and what God is calling us to do.
If you are interested in reading more about church planting do read this previous blog which talks about the (a) conviction (b) cost (c) calculation and (d) core team of church planting.
Any questions do contact Steve.
*Quoted in Tim Keller’s paper on church planting
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