Christians % Climate Change

Seminar: Christians & Climate Change – 20 Jan

By Edwin Alblas When God called his creation good, he meant it. Had the earth been placed a fraction closer to the sun, the oceans would have boiled away and our whole planet would have become a desert. A fraction further away from the sun, and the whole earth would have been covered in ice. […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus – 27 May

In scripture, the term “covenant” is a vitally important one.  It refers to the ways in which God relates to his people; his promises, commands, gifts, and grace towards them. However, the idea of covenant has elicited quite a few differing positions among theologians over the years.  For example, how many covenants has God made […]

Faith & Work

Seminar – Faith & Work (May 20th)

One of the greatest failures of the church is to create a divide between the sacred and secular; that is to mark off certain activities as sacred (prayer, bible-reading, mass attendance etc) and certain activities as secular (work, sport, music, sex, money etc). This then creates a second and equally devastating failure that also plagues […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Mark – 8 Oct

Biblical scholars widely agree that the first three Gospel accounts found in the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, and Luke – are very similar, and that the fourth Gospel account, John, is quite different from the other three.  For this reason, the first three are often referred to as a group under the title “Synoptic […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Esther – 2 Jul

Something strange is going on.  I’m noticing a trend.  As many of you know, at Christ City Church, we’ve been doing seminars to go along with our sermon series, where we can dig deep into the biblical book that we are studying together as a church, and ask questions that would not be quite right […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: James – 28 May

The formation of “the canon,” meaning the authoritative collection of writings that now make up our New Testament, happened over the course of roughly 200 years.  Some books were accepted by the early church immediately, others took more time. Highly regarded New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham once wrote: “In the process of reception by which […]

Seminar – Going Deeper: Exodus

Seminar – Going Deeper: Ecclesiastes – 12 Mar

Biblical scholars have long agreed that “genre” is one of the most important factors when interpreting any book of the Bible.  For example, the genre of Paul’s writings is “epistle,” or, letter, and his writings need to be interpreted as letters, as opposed to, say, apocalypses (such as Revelation, which would be interpreted very differently […]