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City Group Sunday – 27 Jan

At Christ City Church we talk about three places to belong

  1. City Groups
  2. Sunday Gatherings
  3. Life Groups

However, we encourage you to see your primary place of belonging within CCC as City Groups. Why? Because it’s in City Groups you get to form deep authentic community. It’s in City Groups that you get to use your gifts and apply the gospel to your life. It’s in City Groups where you get to serve others and together serve the city. If we’re not careful we can ‘do church’ (attend Sunday Gatherings, take what we need, be spiritually refreshed personally, opt-in for the bits of church we like) without ‘doing community’ or ‘doing mission’ – yet the Bible has no understanding of church outside of community and mission, and that is what City Groups are about. We appreciate not everyone can be part of a City Group, and for those we encourage Life Groups. But if you’re able to, then please do consider which City Group to belong to.

So what are City Groups?

They are missional communities scattered around the city, brought together by a common mission. They are “small enough to care but big enough to dare”. These missional communities are the main place we work out our vision and values. Since the mission “defines and organises” the group, every City Group is based around ‘people, passions or places’. They each aim to reach out to a certain people group, a certain common interest or a certain geographical area. Often City Groups will have a ‘joint project’ (serving part of the city in a practical way together) or a ‘third space’ (a neutral space where the City Group can connect with their non-church friends).

The bottom line is that we want to create communities of light all over the city of Dublin (and beyond). These communities bring the good news of Jesus to those who don’t know him. They are communities where people are growing in their love for God, each other and the world around them.

City Group

City Group Sunday – the big idea

Since City Groups are the context in which we encourage you to find your primary place of belonging we wanted to devote a whole Sunday to looking at City Groups – What are they? Why are they important? What does it mean to commit to one? And we recognise for a number of people either (a) they have never found a City Group to belong to, or (b) they used to connect to a City Group but for whatever reason that connection has wained.

So we want to give you the opportunity to:

  • Connect to a City Group for the first time
  • Reconnect to a City Group you were a part of
  • Switch City Groups
  • Try out a different one

We appreciate that seasons change (new job, new situation, new part of the city, new commitments etc) and that you might need to change City Groups to find one that fits the new season. Different City Groups have different times, different styles, different focusses and different locations. So if the group you’re in works for you then stay committed to it, but if you need a change, City Group Sunday is a great time to do that. Find out about the existing City Groups in the Church. In the coming months we also hope to start 2-3 more groups.

City Group Sunday – how it will work

After our normal service, which we’ll aim to finish at 5.30pm, we’ll then have the usual time for tea and coffee and hanging out. But alongside that we’ll have all the existing groups stationed around the hall. Each group/table will have…

  • Decorations
  • A treat/sweet/game
  • 3-4 people from the group

It will be relaxed and hopefully a load of fun, and you can mix and mingle as normal.

City Group Reflection

Following the City Group Sunday we encourage each City Group to talk over the 9 community building practices that Tim Keller talks about in Gospel in Life (a resource we have 2 copies of if you would like).

If you have any questions please contact Dustyn Burwell, who oversees our City Groups.

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