Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christ City Church are teaming up with ACET Ireland to provide Christmas hampers to families across Dublin

Who are ACET and what do they do?

ACET Ireland is an organisation working towards improving the lives of those living with and affected by HIV in Ireland. Since 1992, ACET have been working with some of the most vulnerable members of Irish society, engaging particularly with those affected by polydrug use. While initially founded as a Christian response to supporting those dying from AIDS in the early 1990’s, medical advances have changed the role of ACET’s care to working with people living with HIV as a chronic health condition. Significant levels of HIV-related stigma remain for those at the margins of society, and the legacies of the past continue to impact them. ACET is committed to working in these margins with a highly-relational model of care, seeking to bring about positive change by establishing relationships of equality and trust. Through these relationships the organisation provides practical and emotional support, whilst also acknowledging the complexities of health, poverty, addiction, housing, family dynamics and social disadvantage.

What is involved with the Christmas hampers?Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers are one part of the care offered to each of ACET’s clients’ families. It is always a lovely way to close the year and provides a great opportunity to check in with clients, as well as acknowledging the difficulties so prevalent at Christmas time. Hampers provide practical items such as food and toiletries, and a few Christmas goodies to help families alleviate some of the Christmas pressures. Each hamper is tailored to meet individual needs and is delivered with an end of year care call, which reflects ACET’s values of placing high importance on relationships. Through the generosity of many individuals, churches, schools and other organisations, ACET are able to provide a hamper for each of their clients’ families every year.

How can I get involved?

Again this year Christ City Church are hoping to provide hampers to three ACET families. There will be profiles for each family hamper. If you would like to get involved see the google sheet, you just need to pick what items you would like to buy, mark them off the list with your name and bring them over the next couple weeks. The last day we will be taking hamper items Sunday 2nd December. ACET staff will then deliver the hampers in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. These hampers are hugely appreciated every year and offer great practical support to families and individuals.

Here’s the link to the google sheet with the items.

Here are the three Hamper profiles:




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