Christ City Life: Joining a team

Christ City Life: Joining a team

Time. It’s valuable. We don’t want to waste it, wish we had more of it and certainly don’t want to give it up. You see, we’re all so incredibly busy: work, family, wandering aimlessly through dancing pet videos on Facebook and not to mention the never-ending Netflix series we’ve just watched for the 36th time. How in the modern world can we be expected to give up our oh-so-precious time?

Speaking from personal experience, that paragraph above certainly used to define me – and if I am honest still does in some respects. Guilty as charged, I am a flawed human being. However, since becoming a Christian the concept of “serving” has struck right at the core of my stubborn, sometimes lazy being. It’s about giving to God what’s valuable to you, wholeheartedly and without a grudge. Moreover, it’s a central theme throughout the Bible:

“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honour the one who serves me,” John 12:26

At Christ City Church, you’re well catered for when it comes to serving. Typically you can arrive up to 90 minutes before the 4.15pm service and stay for roughly 15-30 mins after depending on which of the six main areas you decide to get involved in.

Refreshments Team

1 Welcome Team (arrive 30-45 mins before service)

If you can keep a smile on your face while braving the four-seasons-in-one-day that Dublin is renowned for then maybe the welcome team is for you. It’s the best way to meet every single person coming to church that day. Sure, you may, like me, not remember as many of the names as you should because you are too busy trying to remember your own name, but it’s great to be the first port of call when the weather isn’t sticking to script.

For more information, please talk to Ben

2 Refreshments Team (arrive 90 mins before)

If you make a mean cup of tea and have unwavering self-discipline when around chocolate bourbon biscuits, jam doughnuts and a variety of delicious cakes, then the refreshments team will welcome you with open arms. An army marches on its stomach, and it’s no different at CCC. People love a cup of tea and sweet treat before getting involved in the service.

For more information, please talk to Ola.

3 Sound and Visuals (arrive 90 mins before)

Technically gifted or just want to be part of creating a scaled down Glastonbury within Synge Street Secondary School? Then you’ll find a home working in sound and visuals. Microphones, big screen projectors, wires and more. Do most of us know how it all works? Nope. But we don’t need to, as the sound and visuals team are the safe hands behind it all (previous experience isn’t required).

For more information, please talk to Vanessa or Barry.

4 Kids Team (arrive 30-45 mins before service)

Enthusiasm, energy and the ability to actually build Noah’s Ark out of cushions? The kids team is calling you. The “Treehouse” caters for children aged 3-12, with two core groups: Pre-School to Senior Infants and 1st-6th class. If you’re the king or queen of Crayola and can direct an Oscar-winning nativity play, get involved.

For more information, please talk to Ola.

5 Set up and Set down (arrive 90 mins before service)

The nuts and bolts behind the service. The heavy lifters and finessers who deserve a spot on Grand Designs. Without them, there would be no church service to speak of and we’d all be sitting on the floor of the hall singing hymns off incomprehensible writing on our mobile phones. Closely linked with sound and visuals, these guys rock.

For more information, please talk to Vanessa.

Music Team

 6 Music (arrive 90 mins before service)

Shred guitar like Guns and Roses? Can channel your inner Adele? Or once realised in karaoke that you could hold a note better than your work colleagues? Come on down and join the Music team at CCC. It’s a great opportunity to put your musical talents to use as worship is a core part of the service.

For more information, please talk to Andrew.

Sunday Teams

The options are numerous but the decision to serve is wholly personal to you. Before you feel like diving head first into one of the above, Connect Night is the ideal warm-up to dip a toe in the water at CCC. Held once or twice a term after the main Sunday service, Connect Night is ideal to find out more on the above six areas, meet new people, find out about CCC’s vision and values, and eat top notch pizzas. Now that’s time worth sparing.  Find out more about our team trainings here.

(By James Bass*)

*This is part of a short series of blog posts written by James Bass and Greg Sykes who have joined the church in the last year. We hope they help you think about how you connect to Christ City Church and form good friends.

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