Christ City Life: Engaging Online

Christ City Life: Engaging Online

There is a dog playing bongos on my phone. All those hours of truly pioneering engineering, hours of redesign, consultancy, product testing and retesting, budgeting and outright sheer creative brilliance from those engineers at Apple, and this is what I’m using my phone for. Dogs. Playing. Bongos. Sorry, Steve Jobs.

It’s never been easier to get distracted. A recent report shone some remarkable if not incredibly jaw dropping light on this fact. Our good friend the goldfish is now ahead of us in the attention span standings. You know all those fish in Finding Nemo, even the wonderful if slightly forgetful Dory; they all have an attention span one second longer than us humans. Those turtles that ride the ocean currents. They probably do as well. Let’s all eat some humble pie together shall we?

Now the behemoth that is social media welcomes this fact with open arms. Scroll. Flick. Like. Share. Comment. Emoji. Repeat. Teenagers in the USA spend an average of nine hours a day on social platforms. Facebook has over 2 billion users. We live in a world of 140 character tweets, disappearing instant messages and a culture of instant gratification. I know for a fact that the majority, if not all, people reading this blog are on social media in some way. Come on, admit it. We can’t help ourselves.

Although, I think we can. I’m not here to rescue you from social media’s grasp: there are people in church far better to explain the detrimental and harmful effects of over usage (or do read the ebook: 12 ways your phone is changing you). What I’m suggesting is that you should re-route, veer away from the never ending string of Instagram stories and spend if not only a small fraction of your time checking out Christ City Church’s offerings online.

The Website –

The mothership that brings it all together, Christy City Church’s website is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Got lost again trying to find Synge Street? We’ve got directions. Bored on your commute to work? Enjoy one of the many great talks on the site. Need to solve the space/time continuum? Well, it can’t do that, but maybe information about an Intro Course will suffice?

Twitter – @ChristCityDub

300 million users on Twitter, we’ve got about 181 of them. But they’re the best followers of course.

If you live in the world of 140 characters, soaking up information like a sponge and feel the irresistible urge to just slap a # on everything, you’ll find us here providing info on upcoming events and mostly just using copious amounts of emojis to pass the time.

Facebook – /ChristCityDublin

Mark Zuckerberg’s brain child proves to be a perfect way to chat with smaller groups at church. Whether you’re giving something away, joining a small team or just want to be part of the Christ City Community Group, you can plug in here. There might also be the occasional photo album of us singing karaoke on the weekend away. Westlife – Flying Without Wings, is a favourite, in case you are wondering.

Instagram – @christcitydublin

Not just for pictures of immaculate Avocado on toast, sun-kissed holiday pics and #DogsOfInstagram. Currently we have: people jumping on a bouncy castle, a video of Homer Simpson backing into a garden bush, Boomerangs of people with paint brushes decorating houses and a close up of baked goods like croissants and pain au raisins (food had to feature somewhere). It’s a good place to follow the fun and frivolities had at Christ City Church, and they are in plentiful supply.

(By James Bass*)

*This is part of a short series of blog posts written by James Bass and Greg Sykes who have joined the church in the last year. We hope they help you think about how you connect to Christ City Church and form good friends.

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