Jesus The Revolutionary: The Kings Cross (Mark 9-16)

Jesus The Revolutionary: The King’s Cross (Mark 9-16)

Many Christians have never taken a moment to consider what ‘discipleship’ (following Jesus) is really all about. They might be good at ‘church going’ and do lots of ‘religious things’ including praying and trying to live a good life, but they have never taken seriously the words in Mark 8:34-35 where Jesus says;  “Whoever wants to be […]

Abortion blog - 5 reasons to engage

Abortion – 5 reasons to engage

Abortion. A divisive word. But a significant current issue. We might be tempted to put our heads in the sand and not engage with this and there might be plenty of reasons why we could feel that way. For example: It’s none of my business what other people think. I don’t want to come across […]

Christ City Life: Engaging Online

Christ City Life: Engaging Online

There is a dog playing bongos on my phone. All those hours of truly pioneering engineering, hours of redesign, consultancy, product testing and retesting, budgeting and outright sheer creative brilliance from those engineers at Apple, and this is what I’m using my phone for. Dogs. Playing. Bongos. Sorry, Steve Jobs. It’s never been easier to […]

Team Training

Team Training Events

A key part of belonging to the people of God is finding your place of service. The Apostle Paul famously likened the local church to a body saying that each member of the church has a unique and vital part to play if the body is to be healthy. So we encourage everyone to join […]


Psalms – Prayers For All Seasons Of Life

Each Summer we have a short preaching series looking at the Psalms, to help us learn how to pray in all seasons of life. Do check back on our 2015 and 2016 series to learn more. To help set up our 2017 series I asked Danny Daley to help us understand why the Psalms are still […]

Christ City Life: The Prayer & Worship Night

Christ City Life: The Prayer & Worship Night

For most people, attending church on a Sunday is the first priority, the main point of connecting with God and making friends. Secondly, perhaps you might join a City Group to deepen friendships and serve a certain part of the city. Thirdly, attending the prayer and worship night, that’s only for the really committed, right? […]

Christ City Life: Joining a City Group

Christ City Life: Joining a City Group

You made it to church and even came along to the pub after, so what’s next? At Christ City Church, there is a clear missional ambition to build communities and bring the Kingdom of God to those around us. A City group may comprise anywhere from 4-10 people with the aim of meeting during the […]

8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment Debate

The topic of abortion needs no introduction. It is all over the media currently and is sadly littered with name-calling and emotive language. There is often a lack of clarity and open discussion in the issue and instead it is brought down to a tit-for-tat slanging match. Pro-life campaigners are nothing more than ageing fuddy-duddies […]

Our apprentices and interns at the races

How the CCC Internship/Apprenticeship will build your career

It’s very common, from as early as the Junior Cert, to be asking yourself the question: “What do I want to do in life and what career should I have?” Yet many people when they finish school or college still haven’t been able to answer that question. Often people are two years into their first job […]

Esther: Peasant Princess

Esther: Peasant Princess

Morally ambiguous characters. Gratuitous drunkenness, sex and violence. Throwing a dice to make decisions. Impaling people on spikes. Attempted annihilation of the Jewish race and no reference of God at all. What the heck is the book of Esther doing in the Bible!? I am glad you asked. The Absence Of God The book of Esther […]