Musicians playing on a Sunday

Music Team Training Night – 13 Jan

Are you musical? We are having a meeting for potential new team members for the music team, so if you are musical: sing or play an instrument, you’re invited to come along on Sunday 13th January, 6.15pm in Synge Street Secondary School (after the service) for a training evening. Snacks will be provided and if you play an instrument […]

Zambia Team 2017

Why Go To Zambia? (April 2018)

As a church we partner with Vinjeru School in Zambia and for the last two years we have sent a small team to work in the school for two weeks… and this blog post is to encourage you to consider going! The school provides education for some of the poorest children, and was set up […]

Church Planting in Dublin

Becoming a Church Planting Church

We’re just about to celebrate three years as a church so I wanted to write a few thoughts about the future and what it will take to become a church planting church. Hans Küng once said: “A church which pitches its tents without constantly looking out for new horizons, which does not continually strike camp, […]

Team Training

Team Training Events

A key part of belonging to the people of God is finding your place of service. The Apostle Paul famously likened the local church to a body saying that each member of the church has a unique and vital part to play if the body is to be healthy. So we encourage everyone to join […]

Zambia Team 2017

LIVE from Zambia 2017

Part 4 by Mo – 24th April Sunday (*Sing to the theme tune of the cartoon tv show, ‘The Flinstones’!*) “God’s Love is the Best Love That the World has ever, ever seen! Greater than the sun & moon & stars Farther than the Earth from planet Mars! God’s Love is the Best Love That the […]

The Zambia team - Caroline, Vanessa, Chloe, Justin and Paola

LIVE from Zambia – April 2016

Part 4 – Back home Well we made it home, cockroach-free and no luggage missing. When I got back it almost felt like a dream; did it really happen? But then I got on to sorting through photos and editing video and I realised it must have done. We were only in Kapiri for 12 […]

Christ City Church Internship – 5 observations

In September 2013 we started our internship programme. We were just a very small house church at that time and one brave soul said he’d commit a year to the church and our internship. Since then we have had five others do our internship (three currently half way through) and we’re now taking applications for September […]