2019 - Good and Faithful Servant!

2019 – Good and Faithful Servant!

To kick off 2019, we’re going to be doing a 4-week preaching series on stewardship. Here’s why… Daunted? The New Year can be quite a daunting time because we are supposed to do some self-reflection and come up with our new year’s ‘resolutions’ which will make the new year the best year yet! It’s a […]

The Last Supper: Jesus prepares his church. Sundays: 6th Sep to 4th Oct 2015, 4.15pm at 28 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1

THE LAST SUPPER – Jesus Prepares His Church (John 13-17)

The Last Supper must be one of the most famous scenes that has come to us from history. It’s of Jesus sharing the Jewish Passover Meal with his 12 disciples before his lonely and torturous journey to the cross. The record of the supper and the discussion Jesus had with his disciples is found in John 13-17. […]