People at the Banquet

The Dublin Banquet

On Sunday 4th May a team from the UK organised a big community meal for the people and city of Dublin. The team were given the challenge to organise a banquet in 48 hours, with only the venue already secured. They worked hard from Friday evening to Sunday to get all the food, invite people […]

Prayer & Worship Night

Prayer Day – Thu 24 Apr

On Thursday 24 April we’ll be having a day of prayer  for our church and the city of Dublin. We’ll meet at 6.30am-7.30am at Steve and Leanne’s house in Stillorgan to start the day in prayer, and meet again at 7pm-9pm at Christian’s house (also in Stillorgan) to end the day. Some of us will […]

Life after death? Intro Course Easter Special

Life after death? – Sun 13 Apr

Do join us for an Easter special of the Intro Course as we explore the theme of life after death. At this event we are going to look at four views to the question “what happens when I die?”: (1) The Athiest (2) The Eastern (3) The Modern (4) The Christian Then we’ll look not […]