Womens Seminar

Women’s Seminar – 11 Mar

How often do we allow our fears to hold us back in our daily lives? “Oh I can’t…” “They’re so much better at it than me…” “I don’t have anything to offer…” Our voices are not heard and our gifts are limited when we give way to fear and apathy. Whilst this is not unique to women, we suspect it might be an issue we will find easier to be honest and open about in a women-only setting!

So, this Sunday we will be having a seminar specifically for women. We will be discussing our fears and how they hinder us. We will of course then be looking at how, by overcoming our fears, we can find both freedom in our own lives and also realise the full value and blessings which we can bring to others’ lives.

Do come along (if you’re a woman!) to the Women’s Seminar, Overcoming Fear on Sunday 11th March, 6.15-7.45pm at Synge Street Secondary School, to discuss more on this and learn from one another.

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