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Update on our charity status and finances

Charity Status

Justin and Steve celebrating Christ City Church achieving charity statusWe are delighted to announce that we are now an official charity and our charity number is CHY 20595. This is a great affirmation that the Revenue Commissioners can see the benefit we bring to Ireland in accordance with our vision and values and recognise us as an official entity.

Our charitable status also gives us some financial benefits including certain tax exemptions, bank charge exemptions, tax relief on donations (we’ll be able to claim tax back in time) and other financial reliefs for charities given by the government and other organisations (e.g. Google will allow us certain privileges as a charity).

From our side, we will have to give the Revenue Commission a statement of our accounts once a year and hold an AGM (which we will do in February 2016).


Financial Giving

We have a small number of people who give regularly to us as a Church by standing order and a few others who give through the letter box on a Sunday. We’re grateful for all the gifts and thank God for his provision for us.

How to giveI want to encourage those of you who do not give financially by standing order to consider whether you can. If you call Christ City Church your home, the place where you belong, then would you prayerfully consider giving financially to enable to us to continue what God has done in Year 1 and help us to grow in Year 2?

At the moment, most of our outgoings fall into four categories:

  • Renting a Sunday venue
  • Employing Caroline Anderson as our Pastoral Care Worker & Administrator
  • Employing a Kids’ Worker 4 hours per week (this has so far been Orla Hughes and will be Shannen Greenhalgh from September 2015)
  • Paying for hospitality (food on Sundays and other times)

In the coming year we’d like to consider putting money towards:

  • Employing an Assistant Pastor
  • Running 1 or 2 Intro Courses
  • Further resourcing our City Groups and investing more in Leadership Training

If you have any comments or questions about our charity status, our finances or about giving, please speak to or email Justin Anderson.



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