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What you need to know: The 8th Amendment and the Referendum

Since the last blog and the most recent seminar we held about the 8th Amendment, the situation has progressed significantly. Perhaps most significantly, a referendum has been confirmed for 25th May 2018 which will ask voters a black and white choice – “do you want to keep the 8 th Amendment or do you want to repeal it?”

It is a stark choice – too stark I imagine for the vast proportion of the electorate. There are no grey areas in this referendum – we either choose to keep protecting the lives of the unborn or we dispose of all protection for them. The legislation the Oireachtas Committee are recommending at this stage, should the 8th Amendment be repealed, is as follows:

1) Abortion on demand for any reason up to 12 weeks;
2) Abortion to protect the life, health and mental health of the mother up to full-term.

This legislation would be broader than the UK’s legislation which limits abortions to protect the mother’s health and mental health only up to 24 weeks. 97% of all abortions in the UK in 2016 come under this category and have “consistently accounted for over 95% of abortions over the last 10 years”.*

There will be a seminar lead on Sunday 22nd April after the service(6.15pm). During this seminar we will be looking in more detail at this proposal and what you need to know to make an informed decision, should you be able to vote, and to be simply more informed for conversations you might be having as the referendum approaches. We will have an extended time for Q&A and discussion during the seminar.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Sunday 22nd April, at 6.15pm at Synge Street Secondary School.

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….. and look at the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland’s statement on the 8th Amendment  which we think provides a really helpful view on it.

*Abortions Statistics – England & Wales PDF

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