CCC interns

One of our core values as a church is raising up leaders. We see this clearly in the ministry of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Leadership is a big deal all across the world in every sector of life; education, business, arts, government, sport and so on and so forth. One of the tasks of the current generation is to raise up the next generation and we see this clearly through the whole bible story (see Psalm 78.1-8 or 2 Timothy 2.2 as two examples).

We want to play our part in raising up leaders and therefore we have an internship programme in the church, which can be done full-time or part-time, over nine months (usually September to June).

The Christ City Church Internship is a training scheme designed for those who want, on a voluntary basis, to both serve the church and grow in their character, gift development, ministry experience and theological/biblical understanding. It can be full time or part time.

The internship is open for anyone who is:

  • Aged 18 years or above
  • A Christian and (willing to be) part of Christ City Church
  • Able to support themselves financially

Church event - our 1st birthday party

The internship is designed to fit around other commitments (whether work, family or studies) and the Interns’ gifting/passions, so there is plenty of flexibility. However there are three main areas for each Intern to be involved in, with an optional fourth.

(1) Discipleship and Line Management
Each Intern meets with a discipler every fortnight to aid their personal growth and provide a place for reflecting on their training. In addition, they meet with their line manager weekly to go through their workload, raise any queries, and plan and review your goals.

(2) Ministry Experience in the Church
Each Intern will get involved in at least two areas of church life (e.g leading a City Group, helping on the kids team, running a mission week, leading a table on the Intro Course etc) as well as being involved in the normal rhythm of church life (Sunday Gatherings, City Groups, Prayer Meetings and Leadership Training).

(3) Theological Training
Each Intern will be expected to read the whole bible in the nine months and complete six essays, as well as attending 6.30 Leadership (monthly on Wednesdays at 6.30am). There is also the option for further theological training if desired.

(4) Ministry Experience in Dublin
If the Intern has the time and desire, there’s an opportunity to get involved with a charity in Dublin where they can work with homeless people, inner city youth, students, sports people or others. We also see the importance of paid work, not just as a way of making money, but as part of seeking the good of the city.

Further Training

After completing the Christ City Church Internship, there is the option to apply for our Apprenticeship - a ‘stand-alone’ year that is designed to follow on from the Internship. Apprentices will have the chance to specialise in one or more areas of church life depending on their gifts, and to further develop their character, skills and theological knowledge.

Do listen to Rachel's Story about why she did the Internship and check out here blog - 3 Reasons to do the CCC Internship.


Apply to be an intern

Orla HughesI did the internship after finishing college to develop my relationship with God, explore where I could help in church and outside of the church, and what should be my next step after college. I enjoyed having the space to analyse my faith, personality, motives, and talents with the support of leadership team and the other interns. They listened to me, prayed for me, and gave me guidance countless times throughout the year. I hope I can invest in people as well as they all do.

The internship brought lots of time to read. I read the Bible from start to finish (which I hadn't done before) and other theology books. This strengthened knowing what I believe and how I communicate it. If you are at a crossroads in your life and are unsure where to go, I would recommend the internship. It is a great way to check what your foundations in life are and what you are going to build next.

Orla Hughes, 2015-16 intern


Chloe SnellI have learned so much this year throughout the Internship and everything that I did in it: from Intro, Sunday gatherings, City Group, etc. I have definitely started to learn to question things I hear, think and believe. Intro helped me with this and it helped me to question what I believe and how to talk to others about what they believe in a helpful and safe environment. There is a desire in me now to find the truth of things, of questions I have and I now enjoy exploring that, questioning others and discussing what I think.

I have also got better at challenging myself and I am better at self reflection. I now realise the root of the problem, but I am only just getting to the point where I’ve realised that I have to allow God to deal with that and not try hard to change myself.

Chloe Snell, 2015-16 intern


Eben GourleyThe consistency of meeting with other interns and other church leaders throughout the year has helped me keep on track with my walk with God. Overall I have seen growth in many areas of my life. Because of people’s genuine concern and love, I have seen a great example of how church leadership should be direct and loving in the way they reach out to those under their care.

It is also through things like the 6.30 Leadership meetings, one-on-one meetings, and teaching in the Church and to the interns in which I have continuously been challenged to see what God is teaching me, so that I can teach others.

Eben Gourley, 2015-16 intern


Ola NgaditonoI did the internship during a difficult time for me - I had just moved to Ireland being newly married and away from my family and friends. The internship gave me a sense of structure and purpose. It also kept me on the right track - it gave me a chance to meditate on God’s character through the Bible reading and essays. I really appreciated the mentoring part of the internship, which helped me work through some hard topics. It’s been a challenging and rewarding time. If you want to serve, learn, grow in your character and maybe even discover new gifts that God has given you, the internship is a great opportunity to do that.

Ola Ngaditono, 2014-15 intern

Christian Hacking
The Christ City Church internship is a fantastic way to serve the church, serve the city and grow in love for God. It will help you grasp the awesomeness of our redeeming God and make you think practically about how to be more missional in sharing Him with friends.

I’d highly recommend it!

Christian Hacking, 2013-14 intern


Gabriel Fahy
I did the internship when I was unemployed. I liked the Church and I could see the love and commitment of people in it. The main thing God taught me was humility and the importance of his Word. The internship is not the goal, following Christ is, so anything that helps you to recommit your life and helps you to follow Christ is of tremendous value.

Gabriel Fahy, 2013-14 intern