Money Matters: to God, to you and to the church. On this page you'll find everything you need to know with regards to what we believe about giving, why we think it's important and how you can actually do it.

If you have questions do come and speak to Steve Vaughan or Justin Anderson.

Often people are unsure or skeptical about giving to local churches. This may be because of the past abuse of finances within churches or because we haven't thought through how God might want us to use our money.

At Christ City Church we want to act with 100% integrity when it comes to finances so we have written three things to help you understand why giving to the church is important and what the Bible says about financial giving

1. Blog Post - Why Give? 5 obvious reasons!

2. Blog Post - 3 freedoms that financial giving brings

3. Paper - Giving at Christ City Church - Motivation is Everything

If you have any questions about how we use the money, how money is handled or anything else at all, please ask Steve Vaughan or Justin Anderson.

If you would like to give to Christ City Church, the best way to do this is by standing order, as it helps us and you to plan financially. However you may prefer to give by cash, cheque or one-off bank transfer.

Please read our 'how to give' leaflet, which has all the details you will need. There is a post box available at our Sunday gatherings, where forms and money can be deposited.

If you have any queries about how to give, please contact Justin Anderson, who is our treasurer.