City Groups are small groups within the Church that are looking to love and serve different geographic areas or people groups in Dublin. We encourage every member of Christ City Church to be involved in a City Group so they can find community, grow in their God-given abilities and find practical ways to serve.

Your City Group is also the place where you can grow personally in your relationship with Christ and with others within the church.

Do read this short blog post which outlines 4 reasons why City Groups are an important part of church life and why we encourage everyone to be part of one.

We now have four City Groups and are always open to starting new ones:

Andrew & Ola


Leaders: Andrew & Ola Ngaditono
Location: Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Theme: Serving the Northside of Dublin

Talk to Andrew and Ola, or email to find out more.

Eben & Yvonne


Leaders:  Eben Gourley & Yvonne Oblaender
Location: Near St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin 8
Theme: Culture Clash - learning how to build the Kingdom by being authentic in work, relationships, and church.

Talk to Eben or Yvonne, or email to find out more.

Southside City Group


Leader: Greg Sykes
Location: Leopardstown Heights, Dublin 18
Theme: Serving the Southside of Dublin

Talk to Greg, or email to find out more.

Craig's City Group


Leader: Craig Mullen
Location: Malahide (contact me for further details)
Theme: Focussing on the North Dublin area and being Christ in our community

Note: Bi Weekly - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month from September

Talk to Craig, or email to find out more.

If you're interested in joining or finding out more about any of our current groups, have a chat with one of the leaders or use the email addresses above.

Alternatively, if you would like to start a City Group please read this online resources and contact Steve.