Seminar – Going Deeper: Mark – 8 Oct

Seminar – Going Deeper: Mark – 8 Oct

Biblical scholars widely agree that the first three Gospel accounts found in the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, and Luke – are very similar, and that the fourth Gospel account, John, is quite different from the other three.  For this reason, the first three are often referred to as a group under the title “Synoptic […]


Baptisms – 19 Nov

On Sunday 19th November we’ll be having a Baptism Service at 4.15pm in Synge Street Secondary School. After the service everyone’s invited to celebrate with cake. (but there is flexibility in terms of dates, so speak to Steve if another Sunday if better) If you’d like to get baptised or just find out more about it, […]

Musicians playing on a Sunday

Music Team Training Night – 24 Sep

Are you musical? We are having a meeting for potential new team members for the music team, so if you are musical: sing or play an instrument, you’re invited to come along on Sunday 24th September, 6.15pm in Synge Street Secondary School (after the service) for a training evening. Snacks will be provided and if you play an instrument […]

3rd Birthday

It’s our 3rd Birthday!

Christ City Church was officially launched in October 2014, so it’s time to celebrate our 3rd birthday! Join us at 4:15pm on Sunday 15th October at Synge Street Secondary School. We’ll have our usual Sunday service with refreshments available from 4.15pm. We’ll reflect back on the last 3 years, look once again at our vision and consider […]


Psalms – Prayers For All Seasons Of Life

Each Summer we have a short preaching series looking at the Psalms, to help us learn how to pray in all seasons of life. Do check back on our 2015 and 2016 series to learn more. To help set up our 2017 series I asked Danny Daley to help us understand why the Psalms are still […]

City Group Leaders Training - 9th or 16th July

City Group Leaders Training – 9th or 16th July

As a church grows bigger it must grow smaller! In other words as the number of people in a church increases, the number of smaller contexts for people to connect must increase too, otherwise a church can feel like a place you attend once a week where you sit next to strangers. A church is […]

A Community Banquet - 21 Jul

A Community Banquet – 21 Jul

On Friday 21st July we’ll be holding a Free Community Banquet for anyone and everyone. It’ll be from 6-8pm at Synge Street Secondary School, and is part of ‘Service Week‘ – a week of activities showing God’s love to the city. We’d love as many of you to come along as possible, and if you’d […]

CAP Money Course (July 2017)

CAP Money Course (Nov 2017)

Christ City Church will be hosting a three-week money management course in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that gives delegates the opportunity to learn skills that have a lasting impact on their finances. It’s designed for anyone, who wants to take control of their […]

Esther: Peasant Princess

Esther: Peasant Princess

Morally ambiguous characters. Gratuitous drunkenness, sex and violence. Throwing a dice to make decisions. Impaling people on spikes. Attempted annihilation of the Jewish race and no reference of God at all. What the heck is the book of Esther doing in the Bible!? I am glad you asked. The Absence Of God The book of Esther […]

Summer Party

Summer Party – 25 Jun

On Sunday 25th June we’ll be having a summer party at Synge Street where we are inviting some of our friends and neighbours. There will be a Bouncy castle, BBQ and games after the service and it promises to be a lot of fun! Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier! Do come along, […]