Mountain by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Mountain by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

The first time I heard this song, it was during a time of sung worship when my wife and I were visiting a friend’s church in Los Angeles a few months back. I immediately fell in love with the song as it sings of remembering all of God’s goodness and grace when one reflects back […]

Church Planting in Dublin

Becoming a Church Planting Church

We’re just about to celebrate three years as a church so I wanted to write a few thoughts about the future and what it will take to become a church planting church. Hans Küng once said: “A church which pitches its tents without constantly looking out for new horizons, which does not continually strike camp, […]

CCC Advisory Team

The CCC Advisory Team

It’s with great delight that I want to tell you about (announce!) that Christ City Church now has an Advisory Team. This blog is to explain a bit about the purpose of the team, who they are and how it will work. But first… Some History Leanne and I moved to Dublin on September 24th 2012 with […]

Church - an introvert's nightmare?

Church – an introvert’s nightmare?

Sunday service is about to finish and you already know what’s coming next. The mingling and socialising time. People are off to get coffee, they are reconnecting and engaging in lively conversations. You hear bursts of laughter all around you. And there you are, a little overwhelmed, quite tired at this point and scanning the […]

Adjusting to (church) life as a mum

Adjusting to (church) life as a mum

A few weeks ago I went to the pub after the church service for the first time since Faye was born. That made me realise that we’re starting to find a ‘new normal’ for our lives. And that I’m now in a place where I have a bit of space in my head for something […]

Jesus The Revolutionary: The Kings Cross (Mark 9-16)

Jesus The Revolutionary: The King’s Cross (Mark 9-16)

Many Christians have never taken a moment to consider what ‘discipleship’ (following Jesus) is really all about. They might be good at ‘church going’ and do lots of ‘religious things’ including praying and trying to live a good life, but they have never taken seriously the words in Mark 8:34-35 where Jesus says;  “Whoever wants to be […]

Abortion blog - 5 reasons to engage

Abortion – 5 reasons to engage

Abortion. A divisive word. But a significant current issue. We might be tempted to put our heads in the sand and not engage with this and there might be plenty of reasons why we could feel that way. For example: It’s none of my business what other people think. I don’t want to come across […]


Baptisms – 19 Nov

On Sunday 19th November we’ll be having a Baptism Service at 4.15pm in Synge Street Secondary School. After the service everyone’s invited to celebrate with cake. (but there is flexibility in terms of dates, so speak to Steve if another Sunday if better) If you’d like to get baptised or just find out more about it, […]

Christ City Life: Engaging Online

Christ City Life: Engaging Online

There is a dog playing bongos on my phone. All those hours of truly pioneering engineering, hours of redesign, consultancy, product testing and retesting, budgeting and outright sheer creative brilliance from those engineers at Apple, and this is what I’m using my phone for. Dogs. Playing. Bongos. Sorry, Steve Jobs. It’s never been easier to […]