Christmas Community Banquet

Christmas Community Banquet – 17 Dec

Jesus loved to be at banquets! He spends most of Luke’s gospel either coming from, at, or going to a meal of some kind. He loved to eat with people; it was his way of doing mission and building community. Famously in Luke 14 Jesus is at a banquet in the house of a religious leader […]

Zambia Team 2017

Why Go To Zambia? (April 2018)

As a church we partner with Vinjeru School in Zambia and for the last two years we have sent a small team to work in the school for two weeks… and this blog post is to encourage you to consider going! The school provides education for some of the poorest children, and was set up […]

Christ City Life: First Sunday

Christ City Life: First Sunday

Let’s be honest. Everyone likes to be noticed. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room full of strangers and feeling transparent. That creeping social awkwardness where you’re waiting to be spoken to, where the smiling acknowledgement from a friendly face just never materialises. That was the experience we’d previously had at other churches. The […]

Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christmas Hampers In Partnership With ACET

Christ City Church are teaming up with ACET Ireland to provide Christmas hampers to families across Dublin Who are ACET and what do they do? ACET Ireland is an organisation working towards improving the lives of those living with and affected by HIV in Ireland. Since 1992, ACET have been working with some of the most […]


Why Fast?

What should Christians do to help them connect to God? What are the ‘spiritual rhythms*’ that help us in our relationship with Christ? I think we’re all familiar with the concepts of prayer, church community, Bible study (private and corporate) and singing. And we probably also would include financial giving in that as we know […]

4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

The annual Christ City Church Weekend Away is only a few weeks away, and the early bird deadline is tomorrow, so sign up now for the cheaper prices! If you are still undecided these are 4 great reasons I think you should come along. The weekend away will be… Fun: My enduring memory of any CCC […]

Mountain by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Mountain by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

The first time I heard this song, it was during a time of sung worship when my wife and I were visiting a friend’s church in Los Angeles a few months back. I immediately fell in love with the song as it sings of remembering all of God’s goodness and grace when one reflects back […]

Church Planting in Dublin

Becoming a Church Planting Church

We’re just about to celebrate three years as a church so I wanted to write a few thoughts about the future and what it will take to become a church planting church. Hans Küng once said: “A church which pitches its tents without constantly looking out for new horizons, which does not continually strike camp, […]

CCC Advisory Team

The CCC Advisory Team

It’s with great delight that I want to tell you about (announce!) that Christ City Church now has an Advisory Team. This blog is to explain a bit about the purpose of the team, who they are and how it will work. But first… Some History Leanne and I moved to Dublin on September 24th 2012 with […]