Annual General Meeting

An invitation to the AGM (by Justin Anderson) – 18 Feb

I’m inviting you all to the Annual General Meeting of Christ City Church. Are you excited? No? It sounds boring, doesn’t it? All about finances and stuff. Shouldn’t church be about people and God, rather than euros and cents? The church should be reaching people’s hearts, not people’s wallets!

On first glance there could be plenty of objections and apathy to having an AGM with good ‘spiritual’ responses, but entertain me just for a minute and let me respond to this with a spiritual quote too – and the most spiritual of spiritual quotes, from the Bible:

Jesus says in Matthew 5: “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also”.

love of moneyJesus actually talks about money a lot. He knows we have bills to pay and practical needs to be met which require money. We individually and as a church need money to keep going on a day to day basis. But Jesus doesn’t stop there. He says that what we are spending our money on (i.e. where our treasure is), reveals, and is representative of, our desire, vision and motivation (i.e. where our heart is). This is a massive challenge that Jesus is laying out to us personally and even more so as a church. Jesus is saying in that passage that where we are spending our money IS where our heart is as a church. The question is therefore, is our heart in the right place? Do we need to make changes to both?

So the big question is: are we ensuring and how can we ensure that the money we spend reflects our desire to make a positive difference spiritually, socially and culturally to Dublin? This is the question that I (and Steve and others) ask when we spend money and look at the finances throughout the year. We want to ask this question with the whole church in the AGM, where we will share our income and expenditure in 2017 and our budget for 2018.

I’m going to warn you though; some of the expenditure is on pretty boring stuff like taxes, bank fees, cables and boxes. But, as I think you probably know, to achieve anything, some money must be spent on boring stuff. However it is spent though, it is essential we are held accountable for every cent entrusted to us so come to the AGM and be a part of that accountability! We need you!

Justin Anderson

You can view the slides from the previous AGM’s to see our expenditure from the last year and budget for the next year.

AGM on 21st February 2016, 5th February 2017 and 18th February 2018.

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