4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

4 Reasons To Come To The CCC Weekend Away

The annual Christ City Church Weekend Away is only a few weeks away, and the early bird deadline is tomorrow, so sign up now for the cheaper prices!

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If you are still undecided these are 4 great reasons I think you should come along.

The weekend away will be…

Fun: My enduring memory of any CCC weekend away has been the incredible amount of fun that I have had. There is so much on offer at a CCC weekend away; from super competitive board games, spontaneous  games of pool/table tennis and fiercely contested team games/sports to silly games and exciting challenges. Castledaly Manor is set up for fun and has an incredible amount of sporting activities including an amazing disc golf course and human foosball. There is always plenty of laughter and fun to be had on a CCC weekend away and I would encourage you to come and join us this time round. 

Restful: I have also always found CCC weekends away to be very restful, and there is no doubt that Castledaly Manor is set up to provide an incredibly restful retreat from our daily life in Dublin. With its beautiful large relaxing grounds and its luxury fittings, it will provide us all with the chance to relax, unwind and switch off from our often fast-paced chaotic daily life. I have found weekends away to be restful and refreshing and the time out has always provided me with a space to think, reflect and gain a new perspective. I have no doubt that this weekend away will be no different, and if you are feeling that you need to be refreshed and to rest then you should definitely come. 

The weekend away provides a fantastic opportunity to build…

Community: Building community is a very important part of Christ City Church’s DNA and the weekend away can play a crucial part in this vision. Being together for the weekend enables us to share our lives and our stories; it is a unique opportunity to make connections and new friendships; and for the friendships you already have it is a wonderful time to build even deeper relationships. This time away in a fun and relaxing environment facilitates and encourages connections and friendships to be made or strengthened, and vitally this fostering of community will last far longer than the weekend itself. I know that friendships I have made on previous CCC weekends away have strengthened over time and have proven invaluable during my time in Dublin as I have faced all that life throws at me. 

The weekend away enables us to…

Grow Spiritually: The weekend away will be fun, restful and help foster a sense of community, but most importantly the weekend away gives us all the opportunity to grow spiritually. Whether you are exploring the Christian faith, new to the faith or established in the faith, the weekend away is a time of praise and worship and a time to study God’s word in-depth. I know the blessing I have received from previous weekends away as various speakers have shared their wisdom and helped me to gain a greater understanding of God’s word. I know how blessed I have been by other members of CCC sharing their stories, their wisdom and showering me with care and prayer during weekends away. All of us need to grow in our understanding of God’s love, grace and wisdom and the weekend away provides a fantastic retreat where this can happen.

Anyone unsure of whether or not they should commit to the weekend away should give it a go; I know from experience you wont be disappointed. 

By Tim Gaston


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There are bursaries available if finances are a challenge. Please speak to Ola or Steve if you would like some assistance. We REALLY want you to come and don’t want finances to be a reason to not come. For students and unemployed it is 40 euros, but again we’re happy to help you with that if needed.

And remember, the early bird deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday 24th October) so sign up immediately to get the cheaper prices.


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